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The goals of this course are to supplement the theory course ‘14EC510 Data Communication Networks’ and to assist the students in obtaining a better understanding of the characteristics of data communication networks by giving hands on programming and lab activities to the students in practicing the data communication concepts and protocols.

The objectives of this course are to provide in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of computer networks, extend the students‟ knowledge in the areas of multiple access techniques, network protocols, the upper layers of the OSI model and treat certain key related areas such as performance, internetworking and emerging trends in networking technologies.

The objectives of this course are to provide in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of different classical and modern cryptographic techniques along with their network security applications like IP security, WEB security and System security.

The objective of this course is to introduce students with fundamental concepts, design issues and solutions to the issues – architectures and protocols- and the state-of-the –art research developments in ad hoc and sensor networks.

The effectiveness of the QC is expressed through the concept that “it is better for one hundred people to take one step than for one person to take a hundred”. Over the years, the QC approach has also proved equally useful in education as it has been in industry. TCE is continuously updating to achieve excellence through various academic practices and is one of the very few institutes implementing the QC methodology in engineering education. The objective is to develop team spirit, awareness of academic problems and their solutions, create research culture in the institute.

This course is designed to complement the course 14EC420 microcontroller. The purpose of this course is to give hands on training to the students in understanding and practicing the embedded C programming concepts and algorithms

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